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1. Under The Sea

The Under the Sea concept represents the animals living in the sea. I chose animals that are rarely reached by humans, with the intention of showing that the sea has an immeasurable area and that there are many diverse marine animals there.

I also included Cirebon batik patterns in this concept, one of the patterns is Mega Mendung. I chose blue color as a dominant color for this pattern to represent the sea itself. I also applied this pattern to my clothes during the graduation ceremony, which was held on November 2021.

2. Tahu Gejrot

Following the name of this concept, I was inspired by one local food, Tahu Gejrot. In addition to knowing tahu gejrot, I put other elements that also represent Cirebon city, such as a combination of shrimp and wayang, and several Cirebon batik patterns that already exist to enliven this pattern. The dominant color I took for this concept was cream and brown, which I was inspired by one of Cirebon batik, namely Singa Barong.

3. Summer

This concept was inspired by the weather in Cirebon, which is hot almost every day. So, when we’re feeling so hot, we will crave to eat something fresh, one of which is ice cream. After researching many assets, I also put ice cream as the main asset in this pattern. Apart from that, some assets help enliven the pattern, such as fruits and leaves. Also, I included Cirebon Batik elements in this pattern. The dominant colors that I used for this pattern are yellow, orange, and cream, which I have researched for these colors represent that summer.